Patrick Smith

Hi! I’m Patrick. I live at the intersection of startups, technology and purpose.


Services & Approach

I help early-stage companies find traction and accelerate growth.

My approach is rooted in market discovery insights, business model design, full stack growth strategies, and rapid product development & learning approaches.

I work with one company at a time, where I collaborate with C-level execs to identify the areas of highest risk and most leverage and then help teams to:

  • Uncover and validate unique market opportunities

  • Design defensible technology and business model advantages

  • Craft remarkable, resonant customer experiences

  • Build scalable organizations

  • Create cultures that inspire employee engagement and attachment

  • Raise capital from aligned investors

  • Navigate pressures and personalities from boards and other interested parties

  • Align stakeholder interests


I’m a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who’s been building technology businesses for 20 years. In that time, I’ve built three companies, including one with a successful exit, and the most recent with more than $25m+ in revenue that continues to thrive and grow rapidly today. I’ve advised scores of other companies and founders.

My experience gives me a unique perspective on the multiple dimensions of alignment that make for a successful and fulfilling venture: product/market fit, company/founder fit, and investor/company fit.

I started my professional life as a social worker, then was drawn into software development where I found stimulating intellectual challenge and abundant creative expression.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve looked for opportunities to join those two animating forces of technology and social impact. Working for purpose is deeply important to me, and I give preference to impact-oriented projects.



Patrick is hands-down my favorite collaborator for innovation + product development. Why? The dude is all about intentionality. Everything he does comes from a set of values (e.g. holistic wellness, growth mindset, anti-fragility + autonomy), and those values keep you super focused. Patrick draws wisdom from tons of experience: taking concepts from 0 to $$ millions; building + growing distributed and impactful teams; pulling biz + products to their breaking point scale-wise... and then figuring out how to fix them for the next round of growth.
— Paul Mederos, Cofounder, We Elevate Others; former Territory Head of Product Design
I saw up close how Patrick handled the challenges of running a venture-backed startup with grace and aplomb. He’s the most thoughtful and charismatic CEO I have experienced, and hope we have a chance to work together again in the future.
— Rob Wilder, Founder, Think Food Group; Chairman of the Board, World Central Kitchen; former Territory board member
Patrick had the vision and skills to create a top-of-class data science and predictive analytics organization at Territory. The detailed insights into historical & future business performance provides rapid feedback on the success (or not!) of experimental initiatives, and it enables metric-based benchmarking against competitors. The data science capability he built provides real-time management tools to monitor the business and prioritize future growth opportunities.
— Ted Chandler, Partner, NRV; Territory Chairman of the Board
Patrick is a values-driven leader, inspired by creating something bigger than himself that makes a significant impact on customers, employees and the community. That, in turn, allows him to recruit deeply committed and talented team members, and is the foundation for his organizations outperforming on retention and engagement.
— Kara Nortman, Partner, Upfront Ventures; Territory board member


Please email me directly at

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